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High-Speed Auto-Tracking Door Mirflex

Mir flex belongs to the range of high-speed opening and rolling doors that are characterized for being self-repairing, so, if the sheet receives a strong impact and leaves the guides, it rails again automatically at the next manoeuvre. This exceptional manoeuvre of automatic self-repairing is achieved thanks to the flexible reinforcements system from the curtain, and therefore a saving in costly repairs is achieved too.   

It is a perfect door for medium-sized voids where there is a significant traffic of machinery in movement, like pallet trucks or forklifts, as well as for production or storage areas. It has a mechanism with frecuency inverter regulating the opening and closing speeds and the acceleration and the deceleration ramps when opening and closing. It is made with small profiles, and therefore it occupies very little space from the light void, and low maintenance needs. 

Another distinctive feature of the Mirflex door is that the canvas can be personalized by a colourful and striking silkscreened image, becoming a good strategy in the premises in which it is installed or helping the customers to identify a specific area in the space, as the separation of sales areas inside the warehouse.

It is the ideal fast action door for the food industry, because it is easy to clean with a water pressure hose. It’s available in stainless steel and with IP67 components manufactured for humid environments. It is a door of high durability and reliability. Besides, in terms of safety systems, an infrared curtain is incorporated for a protection wiyhout contact. Optionally, the door can have a hooded engine and allows the option to add an automatic opening system in case of power failure. 

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Models of high-speed self-repairing doors:


Mirflex Premium:

Structure: Self-supporting in steel sheet of 1, 5 mm. The upper cross member us structural and complete. 

Finish: Galvanized steel and painted in RAL colour. Stainless steel option.


Mirflex Eco:

Structure: Not self-supporting. It does not have a structural upper crossbar.

Finish: Steel lacquered in white colour Pirineo or grey. Stainless steel opction. 


Mirflex Inox Plus:

Structure: Not self-supporting with complete structure in stainless steel.


Instant Roll

Instant Roll Basic

MirZip auto-tracking