Milestone Products

Inflable Dock Shelter AH Model

The inflatable dock shelter AH for loading bays is made up of a system consisting on bags with flexible material that, inflating through the air produced by an incorporated fan, they adapt to the shape of the sides and roof of the vehicle, obtaining a tight seal.

Its operation is fast and simple. The vehicle enters into the threshold formed by the deflated dock seal until it reaches the bumpers from the dock leveller. Then, the dock shelter inflates and closes the whole, including all the usual side spaces between the vehicle and the wall. Once the loading is completed, the dock shelter deflates and a system of internal counterweights and springs takes care of the perfect folding of the bags. Allowing the truck to leave.

This kind of dock seals provide the maximum thermal and hygienic thermal insulation and, therefore, they respect the cold chains of the goods during the loading and unloading process, and are highly resistant to the atmospheric agents.

Available in black or ivory cordura depending on the construction site. The use of the ivory colour is recommended for those docks that are exposed to the sun for many hours. Optionally, inflatable dock shleter can be equipped with the Signal Shelterintelligent system to make easier the positional manoeuvres of vehicles in the loading docks by led lights.


Inflatable dock shelter AH ISO:

Structure: manufactured with anodized aluminium profiles. On the outside part, it incorporates a rigid receptacle of 40 mm thick sandwich panel and heavy PVC flaps that protect the cushions against atmospheric phenomena when the shelter is not being used.  The flaps have silkscreened signalling bands and a metallic guards to avoid blows to the sandwich panels. The modular construction system makes assembly and maintenance easy.

Inflatable dock shelter AH ECO: Structure: on the outside part, it has protective cushions only on the top support, not on sides.


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