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Roll-Up High-Speed Door Instant Roll

Instant Roll is the high-speed door with rolling opening designed to be installed between two indoor areas, where the air pressures are moderate or low, and with an intense flow of traffic.

The Instant Roll door is made by a structure including industrial brushes or joints to minimize the friction and to increase the sealing. The top of the structure holds an aluminium axis on which the curtain is rolled up. The curtain is made of PVC canvas and includes a series of side reinforcements in composite fiberglass and polyester, supplying it with the necessary resistance against the pressure of possible air currents. It should be also pointed out that the lower socle is designed to achieve a perfect fit with the most uneven floors.

The design of this rolling door is versatile and can be adapted to almost all kind of voids. The high opening and closing speed optimize the operational processes and reduce the loss of the room temperature in food and agriculture industries, warehouses or workshops, among others.

In case of special circumstances, not allowing to apply the standard configurations, these can be studied by our projects department. 

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Models of high-speed door Instant Roll:

Instant Pass:

Structure: Self-supporting made of steel sheet or stainless steel. Further reinforced and with brushes inside and outside. It allows to be installed in spaces of larger dimensions.

Finish: Galvanized, painted with two-component polyurethane paint, of high strength and durability.

Instant Roll Eco:

Structure: Not self-supporting with brush inside and rounded aluminium profile outside.

Finish: Galvanized and pre-lacquered in white colour Pirineo. 



Instant Roll Basic

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