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Fold-Up High-Speed Door Instant Pass

Thanks to its high endurance, the fold up high-speed door Instant Pass is particularly suitable for accesses facing outside or inside having to withstand wind loads or important air pressures / depressions.The fast action door Instant Pass is a very complete model based on a self-supporting structure and a quick operation through the stackable folding of the curtain on top of the door. The lifting is characterized by being entirely silent. It also incorporates various security elements in order to ensure the total safety of the users.

Because the structure includes steel guides and the curtain side supports, this speed door is adequate for very busy areas, such as to separate premises, stores or warehouses, work areas, concessionaries, etc.  It´s easy and fast to assembly and requires minimum maintenance. The finishing of the fold up Instant Pass door can vary depending on customer requests, so it’s possible to choose different materials and colours for the structure and the curtain can, even, incorporate viewing windows. Angel Mir has developed and certified a version of this high-speed door to be used in explosive environments ATEX 

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Fold-up high-speed door Instant Pass models:

Instant Pass:

Finish: Galvanized structure and standard painting.

Dimensions: Suitable for large spaces and high air pressures.

Instant Pass Basic:

Finish: Galvanized structure and, optionally, painted with RAL colour.

Dimensions: For middle size spaces and high air pressures.   


Instant Pass Eco:

Finish: Galvanized and white lacquered sheet.

Dimensions: Suitable for small spaces and moderate air pressures.


Instant Pass Premium

Instant Pass ISO

Instant Pass XXL

Grand Pass