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Loading Dock Leveler Swing Lip

Loading dock leveler in Pakistan with swing lip is equipped with a sequential hydraulic system that allows control of all movements automatically. Is has also a safety valve and a speed and anti-fall control within the main cylinders.

This swing lip dock leveler is made of strong, durable and high quality materials offering extraordinary resistance and the design of its structure allows it to withstand different load capacities. Moreover, the lip of this model has a swing opening and it is bent and bevelled in order to hitch itself on the truck bed to the maximum. It admits as well a warp to suit the small changes in level that can occur during the operation. 

Variant of hydraulic swing lip leveler: HIDRA NR: New 450mm extended lip for a better connection truck-dock leveler Two cylinders to have a better stability Frontal hydraulic group for an easier and safer maintenance IPN profile beams to make sure the platform capacity Self cleaning hinges Polyester powder coated in High temperatures for a better protection.


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