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Sectional Door Sandwich Panel

The sectional Sandwich doors are the ideal equipment for energy-saving and secure locking in the premises where it is needed to keep the air conditioning, because they provide a perfect locking, a high thermal insulation and maximum savings. 

The panels are manufactured with two steel sheets, which are galvanized and previously lacquered, and have high tolerance to the oxidation. In the chamber created between them, a high density polyurethane foam is injected, so achieving a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation and a high mechanical resistance.

 Depending on the requirements of each location, panels of various thicknesses are manufactured. So, they are suitable for both a warehouse and a refrigerator installation.  This model can also incorporate different finishing, such as adding a pedestrian door or windows; as well there are various colours to choose from.  In case of areas suffering of high humidity, it is possible to select guides and accessories in different stainless steel qualities.


See Eco-Dock model for sandwich sectional doors in loading docks

Finishes of sectional Sandwich panel doors:

  • Sandwich rough corrugated panel
  • Sandwich micro-profiled panel
  • Flat Line planel




Sectional Door Alusecc

Sectional Door Compact

Sectional Door ECO Dock