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Roller Shutter For Industrial Uses

The industrial roller shutter doors are especially suitable for working in semi-intensive or intensive manner in openings having medium and large size in industrial units, warehouses, parking lots, loading docks, supermarkets, etc.

They occupy minimum space and allow a great flexibility in the design, with option of external or internal assembly. They are automatic or manual rolling doors that are characterized by their practical and silent operation, and for having a wide variety of finishings (painted RAL chart, lacquered, anodized). Thanks to their strength, they are safe doors against possible theft and resistant to inclement weather such as wind loads.

Angel Mir has two models of insulating roller shutter doors that provide high thermal insulation inside the facility, whether in refrigerated docks, clean rooms or cold warehouses.


Industrial Insulated Roller Shutter Mirtherm IST

Industrial Roller Shutter Alumir Simple / Double

Industrial Roller Shutter Mirtherm Speed