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Loading Dock Leveler Telescopic Lip

Loading dock leveler in Pakistan and with the telescopic lip, the sectional or roll-up door can be closed in front of the platform. So, the ramp remains inside the premises avoiding temperature losses and the entrance of dirt, dust, animals, etc.

Thanks to the great length of the lip, this dock leveller is perfect for lateral loadings and to load containers, because it can elude the truck protrusion or raised guides, as in the fruit refrigerated containers.Telescopic lip leveller is resistant, robust and very safe for workers. It has a speed control, safety valves and anti-fall valves in the main cylinders. All the sheet covering the whole surface of the platform is anti-slip.Available Telesco Van dock leveller with segmented lip to fit different vehicles like vans or trucks.  


Frame Systems for Loading Dock Levelers

Loading Dock Leveler Telesco Van