Milestone Products

Retraceable Dock Shelter AB Model

The dock shelter AB is one of the best on the market because it is manufactured with the best materials and has technical services intended to withstand the heavy work conditions to which it will be subjected.

The design may be either fixed or retractable. Through a folding system with vertical shift it absorbs the potential shocks caused by the trucks, preventing damages.

The lateral flaps and the top one are made with a semi rigid material of high tenacity and extremely resistant to humidity, abrasion and aging caused by solar radiations. As the structure is made of galvanized steel with aluminium exterior finishes, the mechanical tolerance and the oxidation resistance are very high.

It is a retractable dock shelter model very complete because its assembly is very easy in existing premises. It is also very simple to maintain and allows various finishes in terms of designs.       


The new retractable shelter AB-ALU is manufactured with a complete structure in anodized aluminium profiles. To prevent the accumulation of water on the roof, the design includes a forward inclination  and a piping profile, also in aluminium, allowing drainage to the sides. In the back have been inserted rubber profiles which improve the sealing with the façade and help to avoid water infiltration.

Optionally, AB ALU retractable dock shelter can be equipped with the Signal Shelter intelligent system, to make easier the positional manoeuvres of vehicles in the loading docks by led lights. 


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