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Sliding Fire Door Corlfire

The fire rated sliding doors are made of a series of our own in-house insulated panels which are joined together by an exclusive system of Angel Mir that enables them to withstand the high temperatures of a fire without become deformed, avoiding the passage of flames and gases.

Our fire-resistant sliding doors are certificated with CE marking in accordance with the harmonized standard UNE EN 16034: 2015.

>> Sliding fire door EI2-120: tested on both sides, with a passage door without socle which opens into the oven, allowing it to be configured to be opened in both directions.

>> Sliding fire door EI1-240: tested on one side with the elements not exposed to fire. Thanks to its high resistance to fire, this door is ideal to divide areas having high risk of fire, such as places to charge batteries, warehouses for flammable products, etc.

The two certifications include category B, which will allow to manufacture the doors in a much greater dimension than the one tested, reaching 7 meters wide by 6 meters high.

In case of fire, the locking of the sliding fire rated doors is automatic. This happens by means of a counterweight which is released through an electromagnet that must be connected to the fire central or to an authorised detection system. The panels are guided on the top by galvanized steel rails and on the ground by a bearing through which runs the sheet.

The finishing of the sheet is lacquered in white and optionally, it can be manufactured in stainless steel for the industries that may require it.